Soapbox Corner

People. They are a funny breed.

There’s me and my friend having a deep intellectual personal chat, albeit on a table for 6 – 8 people, in the local MacDonalds. Yeah, yeah not my favourite place and haven’t been in one for years, but my friend wanted a MacDonalds hot chocolate (I must admit their milkshakes are something else) and so, there we were sitting chatting in the restaurant, which was about a quarter full.

Towards the end of draining our drinks, one woman plonked herself two seats away from my friend on the acres of table we had occupied (we were sitting on the end) and I thought that was odd, to practically sit on top of somebody else. Within minutes, another 4 or 5 women joined her, dumping their handbags on the table next to us and spreading their food. I was nearly inclined to ask if I could snitch a chip, but felt that the Donald Trump wall they had built with their bags, deterred me.

I had my back to the rest of the restaurant, so imagine my dismay and deep annoyance, to find two more equally large and completely tables free, after my friend and I decided that they were encroaching our personal space and decided to leave. I felt like yelling in their faces Why???? and highlighting in dramatic fashion the bleeding obvious. Of all the space, you plonk yourself on top of me and my friend. Couldn’t you walk a little further??

Saying that, I noticed that MacDonalds now have built in iPads or similar on the tables, to occupy little kids whilst eating their way through a Happy Meal, saving their parents the chore of reminding their 2 month old to remember to bring their own iPad. I will save that one for another soapbox.

Of course, being very British, I huffed and puffed, swore under my breath and spitted feathers at my friend and left. You feel like publicly humiliating these people of very little brain, but feel you wouldn’t get anywhere. So I came home and now spitting feathers with my little group of followers. Well, honestly.

Author: apathtosomewhere

Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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