Soapbox Corner

This is one of my Room 101 subjects. Bad parking.

I went to park the car and found the parking area full. So I exited and did another circle. This is when I realised that some people cannot park their vehicles if their lives depended on it just because there are no white lines drawn for them.

There had been white lines painted on the ground, signifying a neat and spacious rectangle to leave your vehicle within while you perused the local shops, but over the years, the paint had parted company with the tarmac and now parking was a bit of a free for all. But it is despairing when someone who’s a little bit precious about their box of metal, parks about six foot or more from the car next door (though sometimes that’s a bonus – I have numerous dints from carelessly flung opened doors on my car’s bodywork). Then successive motorists follow suit so you end up with gaps that aren’t quite big enough to get your car in. So you end up cussing these inconsiderate parkers noting that if they all shifted up left, you could get another 10 cars in the car park. It’s just one of my bugbears in life. You just feel that you want to leave a large note on the windscreen, telling them how bad their parking is. (My trouble is, that I constantly fail to stock the car with a ream of A4 paper and numerous felt tip pens for such an event).

On the other hand, you then get the opposite parker, who parks so close that you need a flipping can opener to get into your own car……….

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Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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