Zip Wiring in Bethesda, North Wales.

A couple of close associates decided at the New Year that their New Year Resolution for 2018 was “to do things that scare me” and so booked to go down the world’s longest zipwire based in Wales……..

So we spend the weekend in deepest Snowdonia to watch them throw themselves voluntary down a mountainside.

It look terrifying. Near the summit of the mountain in this picture above is a small building where you are launched and you whizz down the wires for over a mile.

We arrived early and looked in awe. They had two runs – a small run (you can see the wires for that one in the picture above) and if that doesn’t put you off, you are taken by truck to the main zipwire.

Here are some random people on the training run which looked quite sedate and despite my insistence of staying on terra firma, a brief thought passes through my brain – “that doesn’t look too bad, maybe I should of booked……….”

Some brilliant marketing guy obviously looked at this disused slate quarry and thought “Hey, let’s turn this into the worlds biggest zipwire and a huge tourist attraction” There were loads of people happily whizzing down. How do these people have such great ideas?

The water in the quarry was the most gorgeous coloured blue and the slate glittered in the sunshine. It was very beautiful despite it being an area of devastating industry. I bet it’s a different story when it’s lashing down with rain. I’ve spent time in atrocious Welsh weather and it’s not pretty, believe me.

I look at these people in awe and admire them. It does look great fun and amazing, but I am one of the world’s true wimps.

Some of the interesting facts about the zip wire. Not sure whether you should read this before you throw yourself off the edge of a mountain……….

Just about be launched……….

You put on a huge harness, and then you have to lay on the bench while they hook you up. Then the bench is lowered and you hang there, swinging gently. Safety is paramount, so you hang there for ages while final checks are made. Then 3,2,1 and you’re off whether you like it or not…….

A video of the run.

Coming into land.

We had to deal with two very bouncy, adrenaline fuelled humans who, if allowed to, would of gone again. I was starting to wish I had done it. It was a really great day out for everyone and a fantastic experience.

We drove back and stopped off at Swallow Falls below for something a little more sedate and calming. It was very beautiful in the sun.

Swallow Falls near Betws-y-coed, Wales. A pretty cascading waterfall off the main road. A small £1.50 entrance fee and a flight of steps lead to a viewing platform and further steps take you further upstream. A lovely little diversion for half an hour and it would be amazing in full flow after heavy rains.

Thoroughly recommend the zipwire if you’re mad enough to try and just to drive around this beautiful corner of North Wales is a bonus. Enjoy!

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Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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