Scotland in a Campervan 2021 – Day 14

We woke up on the last day of our holiday to another bright sunny day. We ate the last of the biscuits and made our morning cuppa. We were getting sloppy and we’re now just chucking stuff back in The Van, as we headed off to our friend’s holiday cottage, parking up outside. We were going on a walk up Wansfell.

Looking down on Ambleside

We put on our walking boots and rucksacks, heading up the road via footpaths, with a brief diversion to a waterfall. We all clambered over a stile to be faced with stone steps leading all the way to the summit of Wansfell. It was a steady pull with quite a few stops to admire the expanding view, of course. (rather than the sadder excuse of gasping for breath and needing many minutes to recover). Finally the summit hoved into view and gave us an outstanding 360 degree view including Kirkstone Pass, Lake Windermere and in the far distance, Morecambe Bay. We huddled down behind some rocks to have a drink and nibble cake, it was quite windy and cool here when Hubby discovered that it wasn’t actually a Wainwright hill and headed off to another nearby hill which was the official one, to bag it. We declined to follow him and so after a little while, packed away our food and started down the steady path towards Troutbeck. A steady stream of people were walking up here too. We met Hubby by the green lane further down, one happy man who had crossed another Wainwright off his list and together we walked down to the village.

Wainwrights are the 214 hills in the Lake District described by Alfred Wainwright in seven books.

The tearoom was shut on a Monday, so there was only one option – head to the pub. It was really warm and we found a large table in the beer garden, ordered alcohol and food and bathed in the warm sunshine. The Dog crashed under the table – she had walked 7 miles yesterday and now she was on a 6 mile walk. She was really tired. We enjoyed a lovely plate of food and then waddled off, hoping the walk might burn off those extra calories! We walked through the pretty village, full of classic stone built Lakeland homes – that dark slate colour. We peeled off up a track and contoured along, overlooking Lake Windermere. There were some beautiful views to be had. Finally we dropped into a wood and onto a tarmacked road, where gradually more and more houses appeared and we were on the edge of Ambleside again. We pulled ourselves up that long hill to the cottage and finally pulled off our walking boots and had a cuppa. We had done 7 miles.

We headed off home – only an hour’s drive away – and unpacked the Van of our holiday detritus. Tomorrow would be a day of heaps of washing and back to work, but we had had a fabulous time. It had seemed we had been away forever, we had no arguments, everything worked, nothing got broken, the weather had been good (considering it was Scotland in October) and even The Dog was happy. We had seen many rainbows, otters, seals and the most amazing scenery. It had been a very successful trip and we could of carried on.

We know it won’t be long before we’re off in our little Van for another fun adventure and we just can’t wait.

Author: apathtosomewhere

Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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