Powburn, Northumbria – Day 5

Our last full day in Northumbria and we had a vague plan. We were meeting up with our friend but hadn’t really organised anything. A few quick texts and we arranged to meet her and her dogs at Boulmer with a plan to eat at the Running Fox Bakery at nearby Longhoughton afterwards.

So with an hour to kill, we sat in the courtyard and sunned ourselves in the warm sunshine. There was a bit of a breeze as well which had actually blown away the haze that had lingered all Easter and the nearby Cheviots were clear and showing off their beauty. And we were going to head in the opposite direction – pah!

We jumped into the car and headed east again. At Boulmer, the car park was already heaving, but we managed to snitch one of the last spots and met up with our friend. The day was beautiful and we sauntered up the beach, chatting and catching up, the dogs sniffing and exploring. We briefly left the beach and walked on a path just above, which gave us views of the sea and inland. We came up to a field with a scattering of static caravans and huts, a sort of private site rather than a commercial one. Some of the huts were quite fancy, others seeing better days – there were a couple of shepherd huts which were lovely. The ones right on the edge had a splendid view of the coastline and surrounded by dunes and grass, they looked quite snug. I really wanted to stay in one, especially on a really stormy day!

The little village of Boulmer


We dropped back onto the beach and sauntered back to the cars, the tide was coming in and the boats were starting to refloat. It was the most gorgeous day with big fluffy clouds in the sky. We got back to the cars and headed to Longhoughton as planned, following our friend, looking forward to a pub lunch. So imagine our disappointment when we pulled up to a 1960’s style village hall with the Running Fox logo. We thought we were going to a pub, we spluttered to our friend, who just chuckled. She explained that The Running Fox was actually just a small chain of bakeries with one of them based at the Shilbottle pub hence our confusion and expectation that they were all pub based. We felt rather daft as well as slightly disappointed as we were hoping to sink some alcoholic beverage with our lunch. But saying that, The Running Fox, Longhoughton, despite its unusual premises, did not disappoint as we ordered huge sandwiches and coffees in rather trendy surroundings. Afterwards, we fatally wandered to the cake counter and bought two slices of cake, some Easter nests (sophisticated chocolate Rice Krispies and mini eggs), honey and the chap threw in some cheese straws. Perfect.

Northumbrian countryside

We said goodbye to our friend and drove back to the little holiday cottage and relaxed. The evening was cool, but the sky clear and there was a lovely sunset. The Dog was broken from all her walks and slept deeply in her basket. We were tempted to go for a walk ourselves, but didn’t quite make it. Instead we just did some packing and organising, then curled up reading.

The next morning, we got up slowly and pootled about. I wandered up the road to post a letter and admired the Cheviots Hills, not that far in the distance. Reluctantly, we packed the car, put The Dog in the boot and said goodbye to the lovely little cottage in Powburn. It had been a fantastic few days here and we would be back!

Author: apathtosomewhere

Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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