Golden Acre Park, Leeds

Walk: Park walk – a mixture of formal gardens and woodland.

Difficulty: Paved area around the Lake – easy walking.

Accessibility: Easy, but woodland paths are uneven.

Parking: Golden Acre Park off A660 Grid ref: 269416 or King Lane Car Park Grid ref: 272416.

The Dog and I decided to walk around Golden Acre today, but timed it badly. Got caught in a heavy rain shower in the wrong type of coat and desperate for an aboreal umbrella! Then suddenly the sun came out and it was a glorious spring afternoon.

Golden Acre is across the road from Breary Marsh that we visited last week. It is large park featuring a lake, ornamental gardens, woodland, heather gardens. It has a fascinating history dating back to the 1930’s when a local entrepreneur designed and built an amusement park there. It was amazing, but sadly lasted only 6 years.

Above is an aerial photo of the original Golden Acre Amusement Park. Today hardly anything remains of this Park. Read more on the links below.

Click to access Golden%20Acre%20Park-%20download.pdf

Golden Acre - The lost amusement park of Leeds.

The entrance from the car park from A660. In the background is the footbridge that takes you to Breary Marsh. The underpass saves you crossing the very busy A660.

Walking through the wooded area, I was delighted to see the numerous rhododendrons starting to blossom along the paths. It is a beautiful sight when they’re in full bloom.

Signs of life are just starting to show at the beginning of April – at long last. At the weekend, another cold blast hit our little island and this was all covered in snow. The poor plants don’t know which way to turn. The daffodils are very half hearted – some are very brave and have bloomed while others have barely budded. It’s going to be a extended daffodil season, which I’m not complaining about!

One badly taken photograph, but more evidence that spring is finally beating this extra long winter. I drove past the River Wharfe this morning and it’s threatening to break its banks, the water level is so high. We are a very soggy country at the moment!

This is the remnants of the miniature railway which went around the lake way back in 1932, this small section of track. It’s great that it’s been preserved.

This is the wall of the outdoor lido. As you can see, trees have replaced the water and the wall is the only reminder of this project.

One end of the lake, where most people gather to feed the ducks and the other birds that gather here. It hosts a great variety of birds here – swans, geese, coots and ducks plus much more.

Looking across, back to that little hut on the other side of the lake. It’s a beautiful sunny day with some fantastic clouds. Love days like this!

One of the paths that leads to the lake and creates a lovely circular walk around the lake and finishes back to the cafe. That’s my kind of walk!

This is the cafe which has outdoor seating too. Think it was part of the original buildings from the amusement park. It used to have murals and pictures inside showing the old amusement park buildings and attractions. Haven’t been inside lately as I usually have The Dog in tow and therefore banished to the outdoor seating area to sup my tea and nibble a teacake. It has had a major extension and refurbishment a couple of years ago and look quite nice.

Trying to be artistic with the reflection, but failed miserably.

The Meanwood Beck runs through Golden Acre and this is one of the little bridges that crosses it. The beck starts from around here at Paul’s Pond (though the source is on the Otley Chevin) and runs through North Leeds and the city centre and finally into the River Aire. As you can see, it’s quite muddy here, but if you’ve got wellies, it’s great to investigate.

This is at the back of the Lake and the beck continues its journey to Leeds. This runs into the Adel Nature Reserve which is another story and another blog.

Another rubbish photograph, basically because I couldn’t be bothered to walk down to the entrance. This is where you get into the Nature Reserve and have a walk around. There are bird hides here and you can spend some time bird watching amongst other things!

Some of the information boards dotted around the park. There is lots more to Golden Acre that I missed altogether today. I took a long phone call and basically ran out of time. Oops. However, I can do another blog on it!

This area is called the Heather Garden and in the summer, is quite delightful. Unfortunately my photo doesn’t do it credit.

As I said, I have missed out a chunk of Golden Acre that I will return to in a later post, but in the meantime, enjoy this little taster/snippet. Worth a visit, though on lovely sunny days, it can be very very busy! Enjoy.

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