Another bit of the Lancaster Canal

Walk: Towpath walk from Carpernway to Carnforth.

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: a short gravel path soon turns into a grassy track which in turn, will turn muddy in bad weather.

Parking: outside the New England Caravan Park, on the road. Grid reference 529529.

It was quite cold this morning with a cool wind blowing hard, but as the day progressed, the sun fought its way out behind heavy cloud and the day warmed and brightened.

I was struggling to think where to take The Dog on her daily walk, not really wanting to go far, but not wanting to trudge through mud and adorn wellies. I found this spot a couple of months ago, tripping over it when I was diverted by roadworks. That time I walked from where I parked, up to Tewitfield and Longlands Hotel. This time I went in the opposite direction towards Carnforth.

It’s in the middle of nowhere, a few farmhouses and a couple of caravan parks across the fields. There’s a tea shop here, but I’ve yet to try it out – firstly it was at the beginning of a walk and straight after lunch. Pah!

It’s not a particularly spectacular walk, but it stretches your legs and blows the cobwebs away. The Dog was dredging sticks again and was happy. We walked towards Carnforth with the railway on the right. Soon we came across the busy M6 motorway and we walked parallel with it. So weird to have fields on one side and then lorries thundering past and concrete tunnels.

We spotted these flowers in the sun – a lovely splash of colour!

Isn’t that so British to have a railway signal in your front garden? I just love people who collect old memorabilia like the red telephone boxes and railway signs and hang them up in their gardens. Just fantastic.

We soon reach the outskirts of Carnforth. We are walking past houses and their gardens which butt up to the towpath, but all I can hear is the noise from the motorway. It’s quite invasive considering it’s behind a hill and probably half a mile away. I peer into the gardens to see garden furniture and wonder how you can sit out with that racket. But perhaps they just don’t hear it anymore. I use to live very near to an airport and yet barely heard the planes landing and taking off, unless someone pointed it out. Weird.

This caught my eye and I wondered what the 10 stood for? 10 miles to the nearest pub? Or was it a point of interest and this was number 10? I don’t know what it was, but it was very elaborate and someone had spent time carving it.

We walked to the marina in Carnforth and looked into a canal side pub to check out if they did afternoon teas. Alas, starters, mains, desserts and a selection of sandwiches. Didn’t float my boat, but time it right for lunch and it could work. The Dog and I lurked a bit, I chatted to the local dog walkers and The Dog sniffed their four legged friends. Then we wandered back to the car and home for a well earned cuppa.

Author: apathtosomewhere

Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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