Long Melford, Suffolk

Walk: A stroll around the delightful village of Long Melford.

Parking: On High Street. Free and unlimited.

We decided to cross the border today and dip a toe into Suffolk. We drove through pretty rolling countryside, but it was still quite drab and misty. We went through the pretty little towns of Halstead and Sudbury, before arriving in Long Melford and parked on the High Street.


We wandered the Main Street with its mixture of different houses which are very typical of this area. It’s very quaint and very picturesque.

Just love this. They are raising funds to fight a proposed housing development. They’ve left a load of books out with an honesty box. How British is that?

Just couldn’t resist a photo of this fantastic building. Railway Passengers Assurance! All carved in stone. It’s so ornate. Today they can’t even be bothered to put chimneys on buildings!

Robin Row Ltd is the current insurance broker, but see the links below for the Railway Passenger Assurance and National Provident Institution.



The old granary/mill. Bags of grain would be hauled up to the little wooden structure and then milled inside with the grain/flour falling between the floors and the milling machines.

This was outside the Manse, the home of the local clergy. There were two balloons on either side of the front door as well as other decorations. It was so unusual and very quirky which us Brits can do very well.

We stopped for lunch in one of the many cafes, but this one had the waitresses dressed in black dresses, white pinafores and frilly white hats like something from the 1920’s. It was certainly very different, but the food was lovely.

We left the High Street and drove up the road to Long Melford Church and Kentwell House.



Enjoy Long Melford, while I go and write another blog on Long Melford Church……..

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Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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