Long Melford Church, Suffolk

Walk: A gentle stroll around this stunning church.

Parking: on street.

After our lunch, we drove the short way up to the church. This part of Long Melford is equally charming and full of English chocolate box houses. A gentle incline takes you up to the church entrance.

Be warned – I went a bit beserk with my camera and took lots of photos. I love churches and the beautiful architecture inside.

The imposing Long Melford church. The family have members buried here and unbelievably in unmarked graves. We went to look and was impossible to find. There were headstones with definite burial mounds and then just grass with a small bump, so you were horrified whether or not you were actually standing on a grave. We retreated to the path rather quickly.

The impressive aisle leading up to the alter. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Just love the beautiful wood carvings in this pew and there were quite a few of them. How intricate. There’s a church in North Yorkshire where the carver carved out mice into the wood and they’re hidden all over the place. Fun to try and find them.

I can stare at stained glass windows all day. How they create such detailed pictures like this is beyond me.

Inlaid into the floor and an obvious burial within the church itself.

And if you were really somebody of note, you got this!

This church was absolutely stuffed with carvings and other art work. This was created without the benefit of today’s technology and laser printers etc. There were certainly some very talented master craftsmen.

Now this guy got half a book stuck on the wall detailing his family tree. How much writing and information is on this!!!

It just got better. This is amazing too and very elaborate. I don’t think I will get this treatment when I go – probably I’ll get put out with the weekly rubbish for the dustmen to collect!

I think there were brass plaques in the floor and they have been taken away, leaving these indentations all along the aisle………

Looking back towards the entrance from where the choir would stand and sing.

The organ and its pipes. It was enclosed so I was unable to see the organ in all its glory. The church wouldn’t want any riff raff touching it and belting out a tune, but it’s still looks magnificent.

There was this little side room at the back of the church which was a little chapel if people wanted to be more quiet. It was elaborately decorated and the walls had faded painting and writings, almost like ghost signs. It was very intricate.

We came out of the church and wandered down to the footpath, across the fields towards Kentwell Hall. There is an avenue of trees leading from the main road to the front of the house. The blobs in the branches are not crows nests, but mistletoe growing.



Looking back towards Long Melford Church.

And a lovely picture of the typical thatched roofed cottage of the area, with the painted lime plaster frontage. North Essex and Suffolk are full of this type of buildings and many local towns are like travelling back in time. Haven’t changed in centuries except now they have lorries and cars thundering past.

I hadn’t visited this area for many years and it was lovely to see it again. There seems to be a lot of new housing going up and that I find a great shame. It is very pretty here, but will it be spoilt by over development? I hope not. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

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