Fewston Reservoir

Well, I’m back in Yorkshire (phew) after a few days in deepest Essex and glad to be back!

A couple of critics, namely my own family, have said they’re not sure of the walk information at the beginning of the blog, so I’m missing it out and waiting for the outcry!

Spring has decided to stay – these last couple of days have been warm and sunny. So wanting to stretch my legs after too many cuppas and too many hours on relative’s sofas, The Dog and I headed to Fewston Reservoir.

The gorse is out which is great to see!

It’s right next to Swinsty Reservoir that I walked around a few weeks back, with just a road atop of the dam splitting the two. I think it’s slightly longer and there’s too many places for The Dog to swim after sticks, so I lose track of time!



We came across the dry stone wall partially collapsed onto the path. Hopefully it will be repaired before any more damage is done. These walls can stand for centuries and without any cement to hold them together. Many years ago I had a go at building one (well, all two foot of it – it takes hours). Very interesting. Basically it’s an A shape, so thickest at the bottom and build up both sides and infill the gap with smaller stones. Then at the top, just cap it with stones. The structure is self supporting and it lets wind blow through the gaps, so it doesn’t get blown over! Just a brilliant design.

A bit of useful information! Shows you the route The Dog and I did today. We park in the Swinsty car park which is marked with a P in bottom right hand corner which serves both reservoirs. Toilets are available and the ice cream van was parked there today as well.

The Dog with stick in mouth running along the path. It’s very flat and accessible to everyone, though in parts there were some big puddles to negotiate. The Dog was in heaven as I was chucking said stick in the reservoir and she was happily swimming. By now it had got a little overcast, but still pleasant.

At the far end of the reservoir where you turn around and make the journey back, on the other side, is this little church poking its nose up over the hill. It’s St Andrews at Blubberhouses (isn’t that just a great name for a village?). Really pretty and can be seen from the busy A59 Harrogate to Skipton Road.



Saw these trees and the trunk and bark were of a lovely brown and greens that really caught my eye. But the photo was a real disappointment and despite fiddling with the colour (sorry been photoshopping) I just can’t replicate what I saw.

This is a nice gentle walk of about 2 hours though I do dilly dally, play with The Dog and get distracted with all sorts, so don’t go by me. But about 2/2.5 hours should do it. Take a picnic as there are a few places to stop and eat and take in the view. Enjoy!

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Come with me and my dog on my meanderings around northern England and further afield, encountering all walks of life and everything in between!

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