A Chilly Riverside Walk


This is my very first blog. My very first post. Scary.

I will write about my thoughts and observations as I wander around my little corner of England. Here’s my first test run – hope you like it.

A quick dog walk around our local river where there’s a lovely circular walk. The snow of the past week has melted, but behind dry stone walls and the shady areas, it still gathers and clings on. The river, though flowing, still had ice covering it, with fallen trees draped in icicles. It is quietly beautiful. The wind is keen, blowing still from the east, though the Beast from the East is losing its bite. Around these parts it’s known as a “Lazy Wind”. It would rather go through you rather than around you. Sums it up nicely.

It’s overcast this morning, with a black cloud gathering which soon catches us up and starts to gently sleet, though it’s more rain. Snowdrops hang in there and a few daffodils have actually bloomed and their sunny flowers bend in the harsh wind. Out of the teeth of the wind, it feels much warmer, but the wind chill sends it back below zero. I’m glad to be back in the warmth of the house, defrosting my frozen hands on a hot mug of steaming tea.